Step 6:  During the final step, A UV concrete sealer is applied to enhance and brighten the colors and to protect your new curb from the sun and elements.

Understandably, homeowners are concerned about having work done on their property. One big concern is how can concrete be placed around existing flower beds and structures without damage? Our non-invasive process of curbing takes away all of these concerns. The machine we use is self-propelled and lawn friendly. This machine produces concrete edging for use in residential applications. Since the machine produces and extrudes its own formed concrete edging, traditional form work is no longer required.

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Step 5:  The control/expansion joints are cut approximately every 32 - 36 inches to minimize cracking.

Step 2: The next step is mixing the concrete. Mixing is done on site with all the necessary ingredients to ensure color consistency and long-term durability.

Step 3:  The appropriate mold is attached to the curbing machine to produce the style of edging and border that the customer selected. The concrete is extruded following the predetermined layout and design.

Step 1:  The first part of the process is ground preparation.  When necessary, the ground will be marked with spray paint or a string line.  We use shovels and a non-invasive sod cutter. A trench is cut about one inch deep and nine inches wide following the predetermined layout and design.

Step 4:   The curb is hand finished and the desired decorative pattern is applied using special trowels, stamps and impression tools. The desired accent colors are applied during this step of the process.

​If you have any questions regarding concrete edging or the installation process, don't hesitate to contact us or send us a message. We will be happy to take the time to answer your questions.

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